Friday, March 20, 2009

Another virgin experience

I want to let you all know that I've had yet another first. Papa and I went to Key West for a 3 day visit with my brothers. I planned ahead and prepared. We left Monday morning at 8am. I got up early and was at the gym at 6am. I took my 4 mile WATP DVD with me...and I did it too! I took my healthy snacks. I took my breakfast already made up for the 3 days. I took my lunch stuff. I was so good! Did I mention we stopped off in Miami on the way home and had dinner with my gorgeous youngest son and his beautiful girlfriend? Oh ya, we did. We ate at P.F. Changs and again, I planned ahead. I was so proud of myself! I didn't have my laptop with me to track online. Did that stop me? Nope, I wrote everything down. I took my dining out book, my food companion, my points calculator. Rockin' it old school...that's what that was!

We got home Wednesday night and I tried to get online Thursday morning but my laptop was fried. I had to restore to factory so lost everything. Pissed me off as I've been tracking my exercise on a spreadsheet and I'd not backed it up. I tried to re-create it today. I made a good start. I also backed it up on my external hard drive!!!

I went to the gym Thursday in the middle of all that. She worked me hard. I loved it.

It's Friday and I'm on another excursion right now. We're in Ft. Pierce and I'm having my birthday weekend gift. I was 50 in October and my friend gave me a beach weekend. I brought all my stuff for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I asked that he get a place with a gym. We got here at 2 and by 3 I was on the elliptical. Oh ya, who's in control of her fat self??? I AM!!! In the past this would have been a whole week free pass to eat. It still is. A whole week free pass to eat the stuff that makes my body and my soul feel good! I've planned in treats...I definitely won't be deprived! I'm having pizza this weekend and it's going to be awesome.

I just can't wait for my WI on Tuesday!!!

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  1. WOW.

    GO YOU for getting up and hitting the gym at six am!