Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My Dad would have been 91 today. He was an amazing man. I was, of course, Daddy's (not so) little girl. He passed away 4 years ago. Every year since then I've had lemon meringue pie on his birthday. It was his favorite. I definitely could have done that this year too but I chose not to. You can see pictures of him on my other blog if you'd like. I think he was a handsome man!

One of his other favorites was pizza. What a coinky dink, I've been hungry for pizza! So, tonight, instead of lemon meringue pie, I lifted a slice of pizza pie in Dad's honor. OK, I lifted 3 of those bad boys! I was going to have a beer with it as he'd have had. I forgot to put it in the fridge and frankly, I'd rather use the points on something else!

It was actually awesome. I usually get the personal pan pizza for 13.5 points. I decided to try the thin and crispy crust tonight for 4 points a slice. I liked it. Crust was thin and crispy and not one iota of grease was on my fingers. I got ham, mushrooms, and black olives. You could really load this up with the 'free' veggies. Gag me. If I'm eating pizza, I'm eating what I like and I don't like veggies! So, I had 3 slices for a total of 12 points. I give it a yum for sure. Daddy would have given it a yum also. Happy birthday Daddy!


  1. Nice tribute. I would have lifted a slice in his honor if I was there as well but maybe added that beer! lol :)

    :) tj

  2. so nice... well worth the points