Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the pounds go marching two by two

Hurrah! Hurrah!

OK, so it was supposed to be 'ants', deal with the change.

I was remiss in writing yesterday. I'd planned to skip cards last night, watch the biggest loser, and actually catch up on blogs that I'd not read, or written in days! Stuff happens though and I watched a 3 hour movie instead. Not even a good one I might add!!!

So, yesterday. Fixed my coffee and off to WW I went. I don't drink until after I weigh. I weighed myself last week before my coffee, and then after, and there was a 2 pound difference. I'll wait until after my WI thank you very much. After much worry about the WI, I had a loss. I was happy of course. My scale here at home showed me staying exactly the same this week. Now, my worry is that the scale at WW was off and I'll show a gain next week. Well, gotta worry about something right? Usually I weigh exactly the same here as it was a bit odd. I'll deal with next week when it happens.

I've been OP since January 3. I've exercised a minimum of 5 days a week. I've journaled every single day. I'm on a roll. I ramped up the exercise a bit last week and I plan to stick with it this week. I did 2 miles instead of 1 on the WATP's. Bike riding was 5 miles at a pop. I hate it, but I'm doing it.

I can't wait to see what next week's WI brings!


  1. Yeah!! On the weight loss and YEAH on the exercising. I can't seem to get that into a routine yet. I am still tired and exhausted and I am walking, but not enough. So, I truly commend you for that!

    Keep up the great work. Guess the pixie dust worked this time!!!

  2. Good for you being on a roll....doing the exercise! re: the scale...don't obsess over is just a are doing things and getting healthy! So what if it takes a bit longer for the weight to come off! I know I is a WHOLE lot easier to say than actually do!