Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm on top of the world

OK, so I'm hunkered down in my chair in front of the electric heater with a soft blankie on. In my mind, however, I'm on top of the world.....looking down on creation even. I do miss Karen Carpenter....she sang my favorite version of that song. Oh God, I've digressed already!

I forgot to post day today is a twofer!

Yesterday was great. Exercised, stayed OP, journaled. I was a good little girl.

I got out of bed this morning. It was 49.8 degrees in my bedroom. Can I have a collective 'brrrrrrrrrrrrr' here??? I really wanted to just flick on the electric heater in the living room and sip my hot coffee. Did I do that? Nope. I got my shorts and tee shirt on, (another brrrrrrr if you please) went out to the lanai and did my 2 mile WATP. Last time I did this one I thought the bitch was trying to kill me. I was cursing out loud at the DVD player. It was easier today. I still worked up a big sweat, which I thought would be difficult as it wasn't even 50 degrees on the lanai! So, here it is 9AM and I've done my exercise, had my shower, and am on my 3rd cuppa. Life is good!

I brought up the online tracker to plan my food for the day. It reminded me of an artists blank canvas. I can fill it with whatever I want today. Within my points of course. Making sure to include all the healthy guidelines of course. I always start with snacks first and then plan around them. I have my priorities you know!

Day 15 tally
Exercise: check
journal & stay OP: check in advance. I'm feeling strong and don't foresee a problem here.

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  1. Have a great OP day and remember to count everything!! Stay warm!