Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day Eleven

I had my weigh in this morning and it was fabulous! I got a #5 star which, drum roll if you please, makes my collection a total of 32 stars now! I hit my #160 pounds off this morning. I was happy. I was proud of myself. Yay me!

I worked really hard on exercise this week. I was almost hoping to have a paltry loss so I could say 'see, exercise doesn't help weight loss'. Damn and blast, I think I proved the opposite. I've always been quite a slow loser. I used to lose about .2 - .6 or so a week. Now, that I'm exercising, I'm losing what all the other girls lose. It feels good to know I can lose that, but damn it I hate exercise! Every stinking minute of it!

I've got a tough week coming up. I have a dinner theatre trip on Thursday and a pot luck on Sunday. Wednesday is my no rules day. I could change that to either Thursday or Sunday, but I don't want to. So, here's my plan and we'll see how well it works out for me. I'm going to enjoy my meal at the dinner theatre. I'm going to eat very low point and healthy things the other 2 meals. Same with the pot luck on Sunday. One difference on Sunday is a WW friend is bringing baked chicken. Another WW friend is bringing a WW dessert and I'll bring something point friendly. The only thing I really want that day is the homemade noodles someone is bringing. I'll figure the points for those and I should be OK. I'm going to ramp up my exercise to twice as much each day to see if that'll compensate for the 2 extra meals. Oh ya, let's just do something we hate so we can do something we love. Makes sense to me!!!

I just finished the WATP 2 mile work out. It didn't kill me. I hated it, but I'm alive. I'm off to a cocktail party in a few here. I figured the points for what I'm going to eat. I'm taking my own wine glass so I know how much I'm drinking. I've got it planned and in hand.

Day 11 tally
Stay OP: check in advance
Track: check
Exercise: double check

Those bell bottoms are getting more a reality with each day. Damn I'm going to look cute in them!


  1. Did I catch that correctly... You've lost 160lbs?????

    Holy crap girl, that's friggin awesome!!!!!

    You are a true inspiration!

  2. Yep I have. I feel pretty good about it!

  3. Awesome job!! You are doing soooo well. Keep up the great work. Thanks so much for being so supportive of me, too.

  4. 160 pounds? That is SO awesome!