Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 29

Almost over and then one more to go and I know I can do it.

What an awesome feeling.

I'm not sure I've ever gone 30 days in a row 'being good'. It's all due to that stupid 30 day challenge I made myself. You bet your hiney I'll be making myself another challenge.

It will include:
30 days of being OP 6 days a week
1 week of eating nowhere but at the table
exercising a minimum of 5 days a week and increasing the duration

Not sure what else, but definitely those things.

I eat only in my recliner. It's not good for a multitude of reasons. Posture isn't good for one. Mainly I think it's why I'm hungry at night. I associate my chair with eating. It's going to be a very tough habit to break as we've not eaten at the table since my Dad died in 2005. Not sure why, but I assume it's all to do with structure. Dinner was at 6PM every night for years. My Dad retired in 1983 and moved up north where we lived. He had dinner with us each and every night all those years. He moved in with us several years before his death and the routine stayed the same. When he became bedridden, I started eating my food in his room. We never went back to the table! In fact, when we wanted to sell our house, we uncluttered. I sold the dining room table and chairs! We didn't even have a table for a few years. When we bought this place in FL there wasn't room for a table in the house as there are 3 of us in this tiny unit, so the table was banished to the lanai. We never used it so we gave it away to make more room out there. We've now got a table of sorts out there, but all 3 of us eat in our recliners. It will be hard for me to go sit out there all by myself to eat, but I'm going to do it for at least a week. I won't like it, but I'll do it!

Sorry, got lengthy there.

Day 29 tally:
Stay OP: check
Exercise: check times 2
Journal: check

Tomorrow is the last day and then I start a new book.


  1. You are doing awesome! I think your 30 day challenge is awesome too! I think for me personally, I would have to start off with just a week!!

    Keep it up~

  2. Girl, don't you worry about jumping in after me, there wouldn't be anything left! Oh, and peanut butter cups, my fav!!

    No guilt! I am not headed for the nearest Pizza Hut, I promise! LOL

  3. 30 day challenges...great idea!

    I love your commitment to eating at the table. I think hubby and I are going to work on this in the coming soon as he moves his laptop and scanner off the dining room table...

    Hope you are doing well!