Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day Six

Oh what a glorious day!!!

I woke up, the day after my NRD, jazzed and ready to get back OP. What a wonderful feeling that was. It was cool last night and I was all snugly and warm in my bed and I just lay there and thought before leaping out to start the day. I decided to start with a WATP dvd. I just didn't want to go out for a walk or ride my bike. I got right up, tossed on my stuff and warmed up the dvd player. I did my one mile walk and realized it only takes about 21 minutes. I wanted more than that so I went out for a walk to pad out the session. Came back from that and did my stretches, took a shower, and then had my coffee. What a way to start the day. Exercise all done. Any more I do is all gravy. Love that feeling of accomplishment!

I've got my menu semi planned for the day and I'm about to enjoy a day alone. Papa will be going to bed in an hour and the Brit is out golfing. I'll have the house to myself for a few hours! Oh what luxury!!!!

It's good to be me today!
Day Six tally:
Track: check
Exercise: check
Stay OP: Oh ya, no way I'll stray today, Jay!


  1. Wow, Jan 8 2009 WAS a good day to be you!

    I love that it wasn't a chore for you to get up and exercise. I wake up at 5:30 AM and grumble and grouse under my breath from the moment I get dressed to the moment my feet hit the treadmill at the gym. And for about 10 minutes thereafter, truth be told. But then something remarkable happens...I start to feel good, to feel my body beginning to find it's groove--and when it's over I'm always glad I did it. I remind myself to hold onto that feeling for when the alarm goes off in the morning...but I never do.

    I suppose it's enough that I do it at all, but I sure wish it was easier. You're my new hero!

  2. Oh it's not always that way. I wish it were! The other day I went for my 5 mile bike ride and I hated every single second of it! The only time I enjoyed it was when I put the kickstand down at the end! lol