Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goals, old and new

I'm trying to do a bit of computer clean up this morning. I'm weeding out things in the 'my documents' folder that I don't need anymore. I found a wps document in there titled 'goals'. I read it, started to delete it, but got thinking instead. Ya, I know, don't hurt myself. The date I wrote this was Oct 6, 2006. I realized that I've actually accomplished a few things on that list! After the rough 2008 I had, it was a very nice surprise to see that I really am making headway in this process.

Here's the list:

List of goals

Get into the new size 20 pants I bought and now am too fat for! (my 18's are getting a bit loose now)

Shop at Victoria's Secret...OK there's nothing I really want there, I just want to walk into the store without the salesgirls looking and thinking 'what the &&!!!!?????'

Weigh less than Ian (hmmmmm if I keep feeding him like I am this will be easy!!! Evil chuckle!

Jog without hearing fat flap (might take surgery)

Cross my legs comfortably

Wear my blouse tucked in

Be able to be carried by my husband or my son

Wrap a beach towel around myself with no gaps. (I can do that now)

Wrap a normal size bath towel around myself after a shower or at the beach.

Leap up into the back of the truck without looking like an elephant trying to pole vault. I drive a 1 ton dooley and freakin high when you’re only 5’4!!

Para-sail without feeling truly embarrassed

Skydive without fearing leaving a hole in the ground upon impact!

Buy clothes that I'm comfortable wearing at ANY store.

Wear short sleeves (OK so this might take surgery too!) without the arm fat hanging below the sleeve!

Have only 1 chin (I think there's only 1 there now!)

Get under 240 pounds (did that)
Get under 230 pounds (did that)
Get under 220 pounds (did that)
Get under 210 pounds (did that! Onwards and downwards I say!)
Get under 200 pounds
Get under 190 pounds
Get under 180 pounds
Get under 170 pounds
Get under 160 pounds
and finally
Get under 150 pounds!

I want to go to Africa and need to be MUCH smaller for this. I want to be able to leap in and out of the safari jeep. I need to be able to squat in the bush. Oh my I want this more than anything! I think perhaps a trip to Africa might be my goal gift to myself.

OK, this is my list so far! I plan on adding to it and especially crossing off it!

So, those were my goals in 2006. Have they changed? Just a bit maybe.

Goals as of January 2009:

* Get back into the size 16's I was wearing in August of 2008.

*Get back into the size 14's I was wearing in April of 2008.

*Get into a size 12.

* Incorporate exercise into my life and keep it there.

* Not have a weight gain in a year ever again.

*I want to learn that I can attend functions and not have them always be about food.

I will probably add to my list of goals as the days/years go by. I'll probably also remove things. I'm thinking that leaping up into the back of my truck isn't really that high on my list of priorities anymore!

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  1. It's always nice to accomplish goals (especially old ones). I hope 2009 is the year you finish the entire list.

    Thanks for your comment. I'm jealous, I loved Bozo as a kid and it must have been amazing to have been on his show.

    Thanks for your encouragement. I know that we can all do this together. I'm very grateful for all the wonderful new friends I've met here.