Friday, January 9, 2009

Recipes from Day Seven & 1/2

Want to share two things I did today that were yummy.

I need 3 milks a day. I wanted comfort tonight. I took 2 cups of skim milk and added 3 servings of Nestle Carb Select hot cocoa mix and some cinnamon and heated it on the stove. Very yummy for 5 points. For some reason if you drink 2 cups of milk at a time it's 3.5 points instead of 4. Works for me!

1 pkg cook and serve pudding (it only comes in chocolate and vanilla)
1 pkg sugar free jello
1 cup fruit
2 cups cold water (if you put the pudding into hot water it'll lump and won't work)
splenda to taste

Whisk the pudding into the COLD water. Add the jello. Heat until boiling. Add splenda to taste to the fruit. Add the fruit to the hot mixture. Cool. I top it with fat free reddi whip. The whole batch is 3 points. If you divide it into two it's only 1 point each and they're large servings.

some combos I'm going to try
chocolate pudding with raspberry jello and raspberries
vanilla pudding with strawberry jello and strawberries
I'm going to try vanilla pudding, lemon jello, mandarin oranges.
I had today vanilla pudding, raspberry jello, raspberries as I didn't have choc pudding.

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